Architect: Schwartz + Architecture

Energy Consultant: Loisos and Ubbelohde

Photography: Bruce Damonte

This project involved us in an extensive and very satisfying consulting dialogue with the architects that resulted in a variety of aesthetically pleasing and well-designed construction solutions.

Several highly effective solutions arose from the early stage energy modeling, which resulted in an elevated free venting roof skin over structural insulated panels (SIPs), and the use of a highly efficient air sourced heat pump for radiant floor heating.

Solar PV and solar thermal systems provide for a low energy footprint and extend the seasonal use of the pool. Passive cross flow night flush ventilation and earth coupled floor slabs provide for summer thermal comfort.

  • GreenPoint rated residence + studio
  • High capacity solar thermal combined DHW + heating
  • Daiken Altherma air sourced heat pump
  • Hydronic in-floor heating
  • Low energy demand lighting system
  • SIP roof system with ventilated shade screen metal roofing
  • High performance glazing
  • FSC certified framing lumber

  • Low embodied energy concrete mix design

  • Low water demand fixtures and appliances

  • Site repair + reintegration of site stormwater

  • Ecosystem integrated bioswales + vernal pools

  • Bay friendly landscape design